Conference Aims

At the end of 20th century the sustainability concept was mainly a basis for developing policies consistent with a continued use of resources into the future without causing environmental crisis. But the situation has evolved, and the global economic crisis in 2009 was the ultimate consequence of short-term economic thinking. We need a new form of economic development, addressing the needs of the present without undermining the needs of the future. Sustainable development requires us to take a long term view of the economy, rather than adopting short term fixes. 

A concept of sustainability includes sustainable economic growth and development, economic stability, competitiveness, healthy environment and sound environmental practices, an innovative and knowledge-based economy, income security and employment stability, as well as respect of cultural experiences of societies. 

The aim of the conference Managing Sustainable Growth is to analyse various aspects of sustainable economic growth and development and to offer researchers and professionals the opportunity to discuss the most demanding other issues of sustainability.